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Project Description

This new version of the popular Find-me Tunstall Carers Watch offers GPS tracking, fall detection and 24/7 monitoring all in one great device.

The Tunstall Find-me Carers Watch is perfect for anyone who is active in the community, and who would benefit from having emergency help at hand whenever and wherever needed.

Main features

  • Able to be used outside of the home, wherever there is mobile network coverage
  • Panic Alert / SOS button
  • Programmable Safe Zones
  • GPS tracking to locate the wearer
  • Alert can be sent if band removal is detected
  • Monitored by our 24/7 monitoring centre
  • Water resistant

How does it work?

Located on the side of the watch is the alert/SOS button.  When pressed, it will contact the monitoring centre.  The wearer is then in direct contact with a trained operator who can assess the situation, contact family, caregiver, or if needed emergency services.

By using the GPS location details and real time tracking, the operator is able to direct the responders to the precise location.  The wearer is also able to speak directly to the operator who is able to give reassurance when much needed.

Each watch comes with a pre-configured SIM card and will operate wherever there is mobile network coverage.

Who is it suited to?

The Find-me Tunstall Carers Watch is designed to assist the following:

  • Older people who may live alone or in remote areas
  • Those living with some form of Dementia
  • Those who may need a silent duress alert
  • Those who want extra reassurance at home, work, or whilst out in the community
  • People with some form of disability
  • People who have a chronic disease

Does the Caregiver need to be “Tech Savvy”?

In a word, NO.  Because the Find-me Watch is fully monitored 24/7 you don’t have to worry about tracking it or being able to understand smartphone Apps.  If the wearer of the watch goes beyond the Safe Zone that you have requested, the 24/7 monitoring centre will know and pass the location onto you or emergency services as required.  No need to worry.  The monitoring centre is on the job night and day.




Self installation. Postage included

Plus monthly monitoring fee:


Includes 24/7 monitoring by trained staff, SIM fees & manufacturer’s licence fee

Optional Training:


Perth metro area one-on-one
(regional training via phone and internet)


For more information and purchasing options, either

Contact us on 1300 993 228
Send us an email via our Contact Form


My husband John has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Like many of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia one of the first things you lose is your independence. I wanted John to maintain a level of independence whilst still ensuring his safety. John had been a very successful businessman in the past and his independence is very important to him. I didn’t want him to lose his quality of life by not being able to do the simple things, like walking from our home to his community support group by himself – the basic things, the things we all take for granted.

The Find-me Watch has given John this level of independence and also allowed me to feel confident that help is there if and when he needs assistance.

With the Find-me Watch John is now able to walk across the park to the Support Centre on his own and I have peace of mind knowing he is safe when I am not with him.

The support team at Tunstall Healthcare have been very understanding and prompt when the alarm has been activated intentionally or by accident. Even when we were in Melbourne visiting family they were very helpful asking us to confirm our residing address and they were able to pinpoint exactly where John was.

The Find-me Watch performs as it was designed to, increasing a level of independence and safety and I have trust in the Find-me team that future development will be designed with features that continue to meet our needs.

Our son Joe has Down Syndrome. Joe likes to live as independently as possible, however, because of his disability he has a full-time support worker. Joe is an active member of the community and has assisted employment that he attends up to three times a week. Early in 2017 we were trialling Joe in using the local bus to get home from his place of work. Joe’s support worker was following along behind the bus in their car but got separated from the bus at a set of lights. When the bus passed one of the shopping centres, Joe decided to get off and go for a snack! By the time his support worker caught up with the bus, he had no idea Joe had gotten off. Joe was now separated from his support worker, lost, alone and vulnerable. We called the police to look for Joe and ensure he was safe. Many hours later, Joe did return home, well after his expected time and after an extensive police search was already in place. Not knowing where Joe was caused us incredible stress and anxiety.

This is what prompted us to look for some way of keeping him safe. Joe liked his independence and we didn’t want to take that away from him. But as parents we needed to ensure he was safe, and that if anything like this happened again, we could find him quickly, ensuring peace of mind for us and safety for Joe.

Along came the Find-me Watch – we did a trial with Joe for him to wear the watch on a daily basis. Joe was more than happy to cooperate and he wears it every day. Joe is 24, and with the Find-me Watch is able to keep an increased level of independence. He thinks the watch is like a ‘James Bond’ watch, and more than that, a watch that ensures he’s safe and we can always stay in touch.

Technical specifications

Weight: <100 gms (including battery)
Dimensions (L x W x D): 60 x 46 x 15 mm (without strap)
Battery type: Li-ion rechargeable
Battery usage: 15 hours (typical use)
Battery life: 2 years +
Device class: Cellular personal emergency response system
Device communication: Voice / data / SMS
Frequency: 850 / 2100 MHz
Compatibility: 3G / NextG
Waterproofing: IPX4 (splash resistant)


RCM Compliant
AS/CA S042.1-2015, AS/CA S042.4-2015; AS/NZS 60950-1: 2011
EN 55022: 2010;  EN 624979: 2010, EN 62209-2: 2010 (body), EN 503860: 2001/A1: 2012
CE Compliant
Warranty: 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

When you press the Red SOS button, a call will go through to our Monitoring Centre. Once answered by the operator, a two-way conversation can be had. If you are unable to acknowledge the operator, don’t worry, they will still be able to see  your location on their computer and they will contact your emergency contacts or call the emergency services if needed.
The Find-me Tunstall Carers Watch comes with the charging cradle.  To be sure that you don’t run out of charge, it is best to get into the habit of placing the watch on the charging cradle and charging it each night.
The watch is rated at IPx4.  This refers to the “Splash resistant”.

Like many of these ratings, we would suggest you don’t push the product to the “limits”.

No. There is a SIM embedded in your watch, however, because the Find-me Watch is linked to the 24/7 Monitoring Service provided by Marmic Meditrak, your monthly Monitoring Service Fee includes the cost of the SIM and you do not have to purchase extra credit.
No. The reason is that if you remove the back off the watch, the warranty will be void.  Also, the SIM is supplied directly from Telstra and is suited to this type of GPS Device only.  It is directly linked to the monitoring service and therefore other types or brands of SIM will not be compatible.