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Project Description

Personal GPS Safety Device

The MT Location Finder is a small GPS tracking and monitoring solution for people with special needs.  Equipped with an easy-to-use GPS tracking system, you can implement real-time tracking anywhere through a smartphone or laptop.

Main features

How does it work?

Keeping loved ones with special needs safe weighs heavily on the hearts of families.  The MT Location Finder can help.

The device which connects to your smart phone via an App, can be placed into a secure sleeve and attached to clothing.  You can view the location of your loved one at any time via the App.  Safe Zones can also be set which means you will receive a message on the App if your loved one moves into or out of a designated area.  Another great feature is that you can phone the device and speak to them without the need for them to pick up or click anything.  The device also has a listen in option which means you can hear what’s happening in the surroundings to make sure they are safe.

Like a mobile phone, the device uses a Pre-Paid SIM card which needs to regularly be topped up. The device will also need to be charged each night.

Track the device via App or PC

The MS03, third-generation Meitrack GPS Tracking System, is a server-based online positioning tracking platform. You can monitor people, vehicles and objects equipped with trackers in real time on web pages or via the MS03 App.  These are available for both iOS and Android smart phones.  This enables the emergency contact to remotely manage the MT Location Finder device.

At Marmic Meditrak we connect you to the MS03 platform and App by way of an annual access subscription.  For a nominal cost, you have access to a great range of features and functions normally only available on much more expensive GPS tracking devices.

Who is it suited to?

  • Children with Autism or other special needs
  • People who suffer with Dementia
  • People who may suffer from brain injury

How is it worn?

  • Simply pop it in your pocket or bag
  • Put it into your child’s school bag
  • Attach it to the supplied lanyard
  • Put it in the Belt Pouch (optional accessory)
  • Put it in the special Secure Sleeve and attach to clothing (optional accessory – details below)

Secure Sleeve details

For those who would like to use the MT Location Finder with a non-removable option, the Secure Sleeve accessories bundle enables you to secure the MT Location Finder inside the Secure Sleeve then pin lock the sleeve to a person’s clothing (for example, for someone living with Autism). The only person that can release the magnetic pins is you. The bundle includes:

  • Secure Sleeve
  • Fasteners and pins x 4
  • Magnetic detacher key

It is advisable to get the person to practice wearing the MT Location Finder in the Secure Sleeve for several weeks at home prior to them going out into the wider community.


When you purchase the MT Location Finder, you receive:

  • MT Location Finder Personal Safety Device
  • USB Flash Drive with user-friendly instruction files
  • FREE 1st year’s access subscription to the MS03 tracking platform & MS03 Smart App
  • FREE postage to anywhere in Australia
  • FREE Telstra pre-paid SIM card (you need to activate and charge the SIM)
  • FREE basic configuration and setup prior to posting

MT Location Finder:


Optional accessories:

Belt pouch: $12

Secure Sleeve bundle: $30

Ongoing costs:

SIM Recharge: 
The device uses a pre-paid SIM. You will need to regularly top this up.

Annual Subscription to MS03 App and Tracking Platform: 
Please note you have one year’s free subscription to the MS03 App and Platform included. If you would like to renew your subscriptions after the first year this will cost $29.95 per annum.

For more information and purchasing options, either

Contact us on 1300 993 228
Send us an email via our Contact Form

Mobile Network Coverage

Always check with your service provider that you will have coverage in the location you plan to use the device. All GPS units are limited by the mobile phone coverage and can experience problems if surrounded by too many high-rise buildings or electrical interference. No GPS is 100% fail proof. The MT Location Finder should only be used as a tool to aid in finding the location of someone in need of help. The overall safety responsibility is that of the emergency contact /caregiver.

Recommended minimum requirements

Because the MT Location Finder is best used in conjunction with a smart mobile phone, it is recommended that you make a personal assessment whether or not your model phone is in fact able to use a modern style of Application.  If you have any doubts, check with your Telstra service provider and take a look at the Meitrack Group MS03 App available on the App Store of your phone.

We recommend you only use Telstra network due to the greater coverage across Australia.  It is also recommended that you use the following: SIM only plan including talk time (as required), 100Mb and 50+ SMS.

Technical details & specifications

Dimensions (L x W x D): 77 mm x 47 mm x 20 mm
Weight: 70g
Charging voltage: Micro USB charging port, DC 4.2 V–5.5 V/400 mA
Standby battery: 1100 mAh/3.7 V rechargeable and replaceable lithium-ion battery
(Nokia BL-5C compatible)
Power consumption: 60 mA standby current and 5 mA deep sleep
Operating temperature: -20°C – 55°C
Humidity: 5% – 95%
Working hours: 14 hours in normal mode
LED indicator LED indicator
Button / Switch: 5 buttons / switches
Microphone / Loudspeaker: Internal microphone and loudspeaker
Memory: 8 MB (130,000 GPS Logs, 8,000 GPRS caches, and 256 SMS caches)
Sensor: 3D acceleration sensor
Frequency band: UMTS/HSPA+: Five band 800/850/900/1900/2100MHz
GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Positioning accuracy: 10m
Water resistant: IP65

What’s included in the box?

MT Location Finder
USB cable
Travel adapter (charger)
USB key with user guide & instruction files


Frequently Asked Questions

Once the device has been programmed and set up, it is able to get a “fix” on its location via satellites. This position is then relayed via the SIM (connected to a mobile network) to your phone. The smart phone in turn displays this in Google Maps. The owner of the mobile phone is then able to see clearly where the safety device is located.
Home based medical alarms were designed to work primarily within the home.  Once you leave your home or yard, the unit is out of range. The Marmic Meditrak GPS safety devices however will work wherever they can pick up a mobile phone signal.
A text is sent to the mobile phone of the emergency contact letting them know that the user has pressed the SOS button. In addition to the text, a call will be made to the emergency contact. If the call is not answered, then next emergency contact is given the opportunity to answer. Regardless of whether the call is answered by a person, voicemail or an answering machine, the sequence of calls will stop after the initial connection is made. Therefore, it is important to make sure you do not link the device to a number that may not be answered.
It is best to choose people that you know are trustworthy and will be more than happy to help you in case of emergency. They may be a family member, a neighbour or a good friend. They don’t necessarily need to live close by. Once they receive a SOS call from the device they can determine the level of assistance the wearer requires. This may be as little as a kind and reassuring word, or it may be they call an emergency ambulance to attend.
Example:  You may have purchased one of our units to be carried by an Autistic child or by someone with Dementia.  The benefits here would be that the person’s movements and location can be monitored by the parent or carer without the need for the wearer to press or activate any buttons.
We recommend that you charge them each night, the same as you would your mobile phone. Variables that determine standby time include cell signal strength, programmed options, and of course, usage.
All Marmic Meditrak Products and Safety Devices are covered by a 12-month warranty.  This covers normal usage of the product and does not cover any miss-use of the equipment.

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