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Project Description

The perfect Smartphone App for those who work or live alone.

myCareTrack is designed to work with an iOS or Android smartphone to offer an extra level of safety for people who are working or living alone.  Whether they find themselves working in potentially hazardous environments or at home in need of medical assistance ASAP.

Individual ID access allows for regular check-in calls, and easy Bluetooth Pendant duress activation. myCareTrack aims to quickly identify the user who may be in need of emergency assistance.

Bluetooth Duress Pendant.

Pairs to the myCare Track app. Ideal for discrete activation of SOS alarm.

Main features

  • Provides a safer working environment
  • Easy to use 24/7 emergency call button
  • Provides extra level of reassurance to lone workers and their supervisors
  • Asset to any company’s Health and Safety Policies
  • Periodic GPS location information reported to our 24/7 monitoring centre
  • Data connectivity option for faster check in/out and location SMS
  • Extensive activity reporting
  • Available to use with iOS or Android smart phones.

Who is it suited to?

  • Community nurses
  • Occupational and Physio Therapists
  • Allied Health Care workers who often work alone
  • People that live alone
  • At home aides and workers
  • Mobile workers
  • Overnight care providers
  • Sales representatives
  • Night shift workers
  • Employees with physical disabilities
  • Those who may be in a domestic violence situation

How does it work?

When a worker commences a shift they check-in via voice or data connectivity by pressing the on screen button.  The worker is then able to record a voice or text message in the system, notifying of their movement for the day, and period of time.  At this point they also select when they would like to receive check-up calls throughout the day.

When the time comes, the system dials the worker to request their lone worker ID.

If they do not answer their phone, it will try them two more times before an alarm is raised.  The alarm response procedure will be customized to each individual and may involve checking their pre-recorded or text message to determine their location and then contacting a supervisor or emergency services.

If the worker does answer and successfully enter their ID, the system will simply dial again at the next set time.  In an emergency, the worker can press the SOS emergency button in the app or activate the Bluetooth Duress Pendant, which will immediately call the 24/7 monitoring centre, notifying them that the worker is in a duress situation.


myCare Track app:


(must be monitored by our 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Centre)

Bluetooth Duress Pendant:


(Pairs to the myCare Track App)

 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Centre monthly fee:



Frequently Asked Questions

We have found with some very cheap Android phones that there can be issues due to the manufacturers’ settings. I prefer to use it with a Samsung phone as my Android choice.

Please ensure that you have gone into Settings then Security and then select Unknown sources.  This should now allow you to download the myCare Track App.  Once downloaded, open it and follow the directions you were given.

That is exactly why we suggest you buy the Duress Button that is available from Marmic Meditrak.  It was developed with this very problem in mind.

The Duress Button can be worn in a variety of ways: on the wrist like a watch, on a lanyard around the neck, clipped onto your belt or clothing, or just pop it into your pocket.  If you feel threatened and need to activate the SOS feature on the myCare Track App, just go ahead and press the Duress Button.  The call will go through to the 24/7 Monitoring Centre and the operator will know straight away who is calling and will be able to respond per your set emergency protocols.