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Project Description

Round the clock monitoring - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - now that gives real peace of mind!

When we first started Marmic Meditrak, we knew that if we were going to offer great quality personal medical alarms and personal GPS safety devices, we also wanted to offer the best possible monitoring service that we could find in Australia.  We believe that we found the very best and are pleased to announce our new association with Tunstall Healthcare located in Brisbane, QLD.

Established in the UK almost 60 years ago, Tunstall Healthcare has grown into an international company that operates in more than 50 countries.  From the monitoring centre located in Brisbane, the company’s professional staff monitor over 70,000 clients across Australia.

How does it work?

To raise an alarm, simply press the red button either on your pendant or on the alarm unit (this may vary according to the device you are using).  The alarm calls the 24/7 response centre and one of the friendly response operators will assist you straight away via a two-way speech function on the alarm.  The operator will be able to hear you and other happenings in the home.  You do not need to be right next to the phone or the alarm base unit, just talk in a normal voice from wherever you are and the operator will hear you clearly.

If you are in need of assistance, advise the operator (if you are able) of the situation and who it is that you would like them to call.  The operator can contact your nominated contacts or the emergency services to attend depending on your needs.  The operators will ALWAYS REMAIN ON THE LINE until help arrives.  They will always contact your nominated next of kin if you are taken to hospital, even if they live interstate or overseas.  If you are unable to actually speak when your alarm calls the centre, don’t worry, the operators will know that you need help and will organise assistance for you quickly.

In the case of an alarm being activated by one of our devices that has GPS capabilities, the location of the wearer will be passed on immediately to one of the wearers nominated contacts or emergency services as required.

Note:  The only devices we offer that are not connected to 24/7 monitoring are the MT Location Finder and MT Vehicle Tracker.  These are monitored by your own nominated contacts.

When should I activate my alarm?

You should press your pendant for any situation where you may need assistance, whether you have fallen, feel ill, feel at risk (perhaps from an intruder), in the case of a fire or for any reason that you feel is important and you need help. You can also press your pendant if someone else in your home needs assistance. Tunstall will arrange for emergency services if your partner or a visitor to your home requires help.

What if I accidentally press my pendant?

If you accidentally press your pendant do not worry, just advise the operator that it was accidental – they will be happy to hear that you are okay.

Keep Marmic Meditrak updated

We ask all clients to complete a Client Information Form which includes: medical history, medication taken, access to the home in the event of an emergency and a list of nominated responders.  This information enables our response operators to source assistance for you quickly and be able to pass on relevant medical information to emergency services if required.

One important point to remember is that if any of your details change, for example any new medical problems, changes to your responder details or if you are going away on holidays, that you advise us at Marmic Meditrak by way of an email.  We at Marmic Meditrak will pass on the information to Tunstall.  If unsure, you can also press your pendant and when the operator answers just let them know what the changes are.

About our care consultants

At Tunstall they ensure clients receive the right response.  Their highly-skilled operators will always listen, treat clients with respect and courtesy, and ask how they can best help.

Tunstall response operators are:

  • Highly skilled at handling emergency situations
  • Compassionate and empathetic to clients in need
  • Happy to say hello to clients in need of a friendly voice

Welfare calls

Tunstall also offers daily welfare calls to check on clients’ wellbeing, remind clients to take medication or offer peace of mind to carers and family who may have to travel away for a period of time.

Each day the client presses their pendant to advise the response centre that they are OK. If they have not activated an alarm call by an established time, then an operator will phone their home to check on their wellbeing. If the client fails to answer the call, then the response operator will follow set protocols to arrange help.

Note:  If you request Tunstall to carry out Welfare calls, there will be an additional fee.  For further information, contact the friendly staff in the Accounts department at Marmic Meditrak.

Business continuity

Tunstall operates a 24-hour monitoring centre in Australia and New Zealand, providing offshore continuity and backup, ensuring every call is answered every time.

Why do we use Tunstall rather than a local call centre?

Just like us here at Marmic Meditrak, Tunstall believe in providing people focused care.  This is evident in every aspect of their work from the service they offer to the people that they employ.  Their high standard of service, delivery of client care and call response statistics exceed the industry standards.  They are specialists in telehealthcare and so our decision to partner with them was an easy one to make.

By choosing to use Tunstall as our preferred 24/7 monitoring centre, we at Marmic Meditrak are confident that all our clients who choose to take up the service will always feel safe, secure and connected at all times in their own home. At Marmic Meditrak, that is what we are all about.


24/7 Emergency Monitoring of the following products:

Smart Hub Home Medical Alarm

myCare Track App

$33.11 per month

24/7 Emergency Monitoring of the following products:

Find-Me GPS watch

$68.13 per month

(Included in this cost is the monthly SIM costs and the access fee to the manufactures web platform)