Project Description

Secure your keys outside in a Key Safe, for quick property access in case of an emergency.

Don’t call for help via your medical alarm only to find no one can get into your home to actually help you!

Main features & benefits

  • Provides easy access to the premises
  • Avoids delays and damage to your property
  • Fits up to four standard house keys
  • Two styles to choose from – padlock or wall mount

Easy to use:

  • Easily set and reset your own 4 digit code (up to 10,000 possible combinations)
  • Change the code as often as you like
  • Wall mounted model requires only DIY installation
  • Padlock model easily locks onto gas or water pipes in meter box

Robust construction:

  • Solid zinc and aluminium design
  • Water and rust proof
  • Shatterproof

Who is it suited to?

Iris is 80 and lives on her own in the family home. She is quite frail, uses a walking stick and has a high risk of falls. One night when Iris got up to use the bathroom the power went out and she tripped. Iris activated her personal medical alarm and notified the response centre that her leg hurt. She also reported that all of her responders were away, so there was no family to call to get help. The response centre called an ambulance to assist.
Iris already had a key safe installed outside her home, so the ambulance was able to get quick access to her. Iris was very grateful that because of the alarm and key safe she did not have to wait long for help.