Project Description

The Care@Home Medical Alarm is your emergency link to help when you need it most.

This home-based alarm is easy to use and linked directly to a 24/7 Emergency Response Centre. Because the unit has a 4G SIM installed, no landline or NBN is required.   The user can activate an emergency call from anywhere in the house or yard by pressing the pendant/bracelet.

Main features

  • Links you directly to a 24/7 Emergency Response Centre

  • Works independently of a landline phone connection

  • 4G SIM connectivity.  Suit those in metro and rural areas

  • Expandable: Can be linked to Voice Activated technology

  • The Duress pendant is fully water proof

Who is it suited to?

The Care@Home alarm is designed to assist people to maintain their independence and freedom of living in their own home.  The knowledge that trained and caring professionals will be available anytime night or day, brings a great sense of peace and confidence.

The high degree of flexibility offered by this system means a wide variety of users can benefit from the state-of-the-art technology, including but not limited to:

  • Senior members of the society
  • Those living with a disability
  • Those who are lacking a social support network
  • People with any long-term health conditions